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Faiz Bin Zohri studied public spaces at the Design Academy Eindhoven and currently works at Atelier Dreiseitl Asia as landscape designer. In his own practice, he explores public spaces with acts of walking and micro actions. He is driven by spatial ideas of constant natural transformations and movements in time.

Lives and work in Singapore.

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Esplanade Forecourt Gardens, with Atelier Dreiseitl Asia




Chase Scene Study

Gate For De Blokhut, with Linda Bruinekool

Proposal For The 1st Longest Funfair In Brabant

Download link: Guidebook PDF

Colour Objects Study

Proposal For A SlideBridge



Mud; Towards A Shifting Architecture
with John Lonsdale Architect

Mud Shifts Study, with John Lonsdale Architect

Input-Output, GLOW Eindhoven




Proposal, Sunken Public Square Rietveld Academie/Sandberg Institute

with Niko Leung and John Lonsdale Architect



Signage To Predict The Sun

Prposal, Team Osram Light Generators

Three More Months


Disappear Space #2

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A neighbour once found Mulla Nasruddin searching for something on the street.

"What are you searching for, Mulla?"

"My key."

So they both went down on their hands and knees and searched for it. After a long time the other man asked "Where exactly did you drop it?"

"At home."

"For heaven's sake, then why the hell are you searching here?"

"Because it is brighter here."

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