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( stable`unstable )

design and research practice in

public spaces & landscape architecture



A neighbour once found Mulla Nasruddin searching for something on the street.

"What are you searching for, Mulla?"

"My key."

So they both went down on their hands and knees and searched for it. After a long time the other man asked "Where exactly did you drop it?"

"At home."

"For heaven's sake, then why the hell are you searching outside ?"

"Because it is brighter here."


Faiz Bin Zohri
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In my process, form emerges from imagining the next step to the previous step that was taken. With this, I try to create spaces/actions that is generous enough to be interpreted by the next person.

I strongly believe in a “discontinuous” unity, where heterogeneous parts or individuals come briefly at moments in time for their turn to shape a particular space. Sometimes, it is my turn.

Then, with some patience, nature or spontaneous everyday life takes over again.

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Faiz Bin Zohri (1984, Singapore) is a landscape architect driven by the interconnections of urban public spaces, landscape traditions, and a re-generative ecology.

He has been involved in urban, landscape and public art installations of various scales in the Netherlands, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

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